Visual truths

a peek into gender bias

Challenge millennials perception of brands through data driven typographic design

Typography today is used to convey a feeling for the reader whether it is readability or creating trust based on historic value, as well telling their story through different shapes and forms. There is an opportunity within typography to tell a grander story of a brand. A truth.

Branding + UX + advertising

Data usage

The data is taken from where the gender bias is segmented into 4 quarters of the companies. Upper, upper middle, lower middle and lower.

indents from the left means that quarter is female dominated and indents from the right is male dominated.

Pay gap average is based on the entire company, and the indent is from the top if it is male dominated and from the bottom if it is female dominated.

Turn the 3d type asset into body text 2d font as well to keep telling your story in every situation and let it be a mark for your brand.


Going for an emotionally loaded visual with high contrasts of black and bright to make people feel that something might not be right. Bringing most of the attention to the 3d type asset with a simplistic look and feel to spark interests in what might be wrong, with a call to action of taking a look inside the visual truths website.


enabling both companies and viewers to take full advantage of the platform through being able to search for other companies as well as generating your own type asset through adding your companies data to be able to show your truth. we're also adding the function to Move around in a 3d space to see the different perspectives.

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