welcome to the BBCEEDS

The brand that grows with you

Make the BBC a learning platform that benefits every child

Today children are spending more time than ever with technology, and the environment where a child is plays a vital role in how and what they learn. 
Through the variety of the BBC library we have the opportunity to let every child create one of a kind environments founded in what they love and have absorbed throughout the day, in a fun, engaging and personalised world; a world that evolves with you as you grow older and more knowledgeable. The design and features adapt to what level you are currently at to meet the standard of your appropriation. 

User experience + product development + branding

Adam thornell bergvall - ideation
petter ögren - research/ideation + 3d design + UI design

Create your own continuous learning journey with bbceeds. embark on learning adventures, as you level up in knowledge so do we. bbceeds are there to meet your needs in a fun and engaging way.

Full brand guidelines

through the use of emojis, painting and voice, we let children dive into their creative imagination to generate their own content and create their own world of learning opportunities based on what they love.

Start off easy to steadily grow

into harder and harder tasks

Embark on an AR adventure to find quests based on the content you have consumed.

complete the quest to unlock a new style to the object which generated content.

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